Embedded Hardware Engineer



SAKTHICADD is a product development company focused on product strategy, hardware, software, and mechanical designs, and the development of custom mobile and web applications. From exciting new tech startups to large-scale applications, the products we produce for our clients support their strategic initiatives first and foremost through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and high-quality engineering.

Job Purpose:

We have an exciting opportunity for entry-level and recent graduates to join our team and be part of the best and brightest in digital product talent. This role is open for folks who have 0-2+ years working in Embedded Hardware/Software (from strategy to tactical), preferably on consumer and industrial applications.

Job Responsibility

  • Learn, develop and test project specific/generic embedded hardware and software and testing tools.
  • Learn and adhere to the best practices and coding standards of the project.
  • Understand and Comply with all applicable development processes.
  • Contribute to all aspects of software development, including development environment, architecture, design, programming, testing, and deployment.
  • Design custom products and ease the adoption of custom changes.


  • Ability to read and understand data sheets and specifications of electronic components.
  • Knowledge of embedded systems design, and low-level hardware interactions.
  • Experience with microcontrollers/microprocessor applications. knowledge of STM8, STM32, ESP01, ESP8266, and ESP32 is an added advantage.
  • Hands-on experience in Infineon / STM32 / TI / NXP embedded programming is an added advantage
  • Knowledge of C language and Embedded C.
  • Should have completed hands-on practical writing programs in embedded C to demonstrate the use of ports and peripherals viz. I2C, SPI, UART, ADC, PWM, Timer, RTC, etc.
  • Knowledge of interfaces TTL, CMOS, RS232, RS485
  • Good knowledge & Hands-on experience with Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Knowledge of instruments like DSO, DMM, and Frequency generator.
  • Good knowledge of Electronics, Circuit Theory, and Electronic Devices.
  • Good knowledge of Electronic Circuits and Digital Electronics, with Basic C programming.
  • Certified in Embedded system course preferred.
  • Knowledge of Microcontroller Architecture.
  • Communication protocols: UART, SPI, I2C, Modbus, and CAN.
  • Knowledge of ADC, PWM, and timer.
  • Basic understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) and internet-based technologies.
  • Ability to read a schematic.
  • PCB CAD Design: Good knowledge and hands-on experience in Allegro, OrCAD, Proteus, and Ki-Cad Software is an added advantage.

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