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Struggling to make an idea into a product?

With more than 20+ years of experience as a leading product development company in the scope of PCB Designing & Fabrication, Electronics and Embedded System development, AI, Data Science & Computer vision, we understand the ecosystem more than anyone else

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Turnkey Solutions

Outsourcing design and development can be difficult and involved, so choosing the right partner is key. Get the creative design services team of product development, engineering, and regulatory experts working for you.

Minimum Viable Products

Quickly test and iterate parts of your product idea on potential customers.

Reverse Engineering

No design, no code,obsolete, old tech,through-hole to SMD, or any other reason, we will make it for you, Just bring the sample to us as long as you're not violating any law. We can build it for you.

Mass Production

Planning to scale up the product worldwide? Our mass manufacturing offers shorter lead times, and is a great option for customers who need something quickly.

Life Cycle Management

We can forecast the obsolescence, help you plan refreshes, alternatives to parts and redesigning.

Quality Control

Quality assurance is built into every product we make. You can be confident that our quality management system provides strict control and verification of our internal manufacturing processes and external supply chain procedures.


Have an innovative/commercial product ready? We have got all you want to take the product to your customer.

Our Service

Our full-service capabilities help you launch innovate products or successfully grow your product line.


Brilliant overall product design is an essential part of your product development journey

We support you in your product development journey through quality electronic product design and manufacture, offering a wide range of services from initial product feasibility and detailed engineering design through to prototyping and volume production.



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SAKTHICADD has invested in electronics manufacturing partners around the world, including electronics design and production, to deliver the most efficient solutions possible for bringing customers products to market.

Our global footprint allows us to deliver optimal solutions for customers around the world.

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