SAKTHICADD is the one-stop solution for all circuit board production services - fabrication, testing, inspections, and assembly. From a simple double-sided bareboard to complex rigid flex PCB applications, our highly qualified experts will work with you to achieve economical excellence in your multi-layered layout.

Key areas: High Speed analog, digital and mixed signal, Ultra high-density boards, Package Design.


Explore our full list of PCB production capabilities

  • Rigid PCB
  • Flex PCB
  • Surface Finish
  • Metal Core
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Military Grade PCB
  • Automotive/Industrial Grade PCB
  • RF, Microwave

From Through-hole, SMD, to BGA, we support all the packages for your PCB.

PCB Prototyping Services

PCB Designing

We can design package design for components, high-speed digital, analog and mixed-signal, and ultrahigh-density boards in no time.

Component Procurement

We can source all the necessary components for your PCB. Not only will this save you time.

PCB Fabrication

We support single-layer, multi-layer rigid, and flex PCB fabrication up-to 22 layers.

PCB Assembly Services

Our PCB assembly service caters for a wide range of modern and legacy assembly techniques.

Embedded Product

Development of all parts of embedded software including bootloaders, hardware software abstraction layers.

Production Engineering

Our mission is consistently provide high-quality, and reliable electronic assemblies and products to all our customers.

Got your PCB Prototypes.
What next?

From design to packing, we have your prototype/product covered. We provide end-to-end solutions for a diverse range of devices, which include sourcing components, assembling them, and developing architectures, libraries, and firmware such as bootloaders, hardware software abstraction layers (a.k.a. peripheral libraries), application libraries, and business logic applications. Are you considering developing an IoT product? We create a mobile application that works seamlessly with your IoT hardware. Get your perfect enclosure designs for your PCBs.


PCB Fabrication Capabilities

  • 6-8 Working Days
  • 1-2 layer
  • 50 nos
  • Any Color
  • All Materials & Surface Finishes
  • PCBA Available *
  • 4-5 Working Days
  • 1-2 layer
  • 5 to 50 nos
  • Green Mask
  • FR-4 Grade, Tin / Lead Solder (HASL)
  • PCBA Available *
  • 21 Working Days
  • Up to 20 layers
  • 5000+ nos
  • Any Color
  • All Materials & Surface Finishes
  • PCBA Available *

How to place a PCB order on SAKTHICADD?

Click place order to upload the Gerber file and BOM file (Only ZIP or RAR files accepted. Max 20MB)
You can also send the Gerber and BOM to us by mail.

BOM (Bill of Materials) lists all the components required for PCB assembly. This helps us know the components required, where they should be placed and soldered. You can upload the BOM format in .xls, .xlsx or .csv with the following details.

  1. S.No
  2. Reference
  3. Quantity
  4. Part Number
  5. Manufacturers Name
  6. Components Description
  7. Assembly Type (Surface mount, Thru-hole, or Hybrid)

The Gerber file needs to include at least the following layers: silkscreen layer, copper layer, and solder paste layer.

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