SAKTHICADD, is an industry leader in high quality PCB Design and Fabrication offering the very best service at competitive prices. With our resources and experience, we will be your complete Engineering partner no matter how large or small your project is. We can design package design for components, high-speed digital, analog and mixed-signal, and ultra-high-density boards in no time. With our experienced team, we can assure you to provide the astonishing designs that make your product stand out in the market..


With more than 20+ years of experience as a leading product development company in the scope of PCB Designing & Fabrication, Electronics and Embedded System development, AI, Data Science & Computer vision, we understand the ecosystem more than anyone else. We are helping small and mid-sized companies worldwide design their product ensuring the quality,experience and timelines as expected. We’ve a network of over 100+ engineering manufacturers to deliver world class electronics in the domains of Embedded electronics, Consumer, Robotics, Wearables, Wireless, Industrial, IoT and AI.

25 + years of Experience

1000 + Projects

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